Consulting Services

Continuous Improvement through Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Become better at your business by getting rid of long-standing problems. Step by step, Harold will help you organise for a sustained problem solving culture in your company, so that it becomes a continuous activity. This will include assistance with designing a problem-solving structure, training people in the techniques and coaching teams and their leaders with problem solving projects.

Maintenance Management

Increase the uptime on your equipment and reduce the maintenance costs by developing effective maintenance plans based on Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM1, 2 and 3). Harold will assist in introducing or improving maintenance management systems, carrying out a review of your overall maintenance effort and developing an improvement plan.

Lean Manufacturing

Take the waste out of your manufacturing process, and offer your customers better quality and more reliable lead times, and improve your profit margins and return on investment at the same time. Harold will show your staff how to identify waste and non-value added activities, and apply lean manufacturing techniques such as creating flow, pull production and visual management.

Work Study

Use work study techniques to analyse what your staff are doing, improve their productivity and to plan your manpower.

Ever wonder what the people in indirect or overhead departments such as finance, design, planning, marketing and human resources actually do? Through the analysis of work volumes and business processes you will get to know what they are doing, and what changes need to be made to improve their productivity

Project Management

Meet your project objectives by making sure that you scope, plan and manage your projects right from inception.